Monday, May 3, 2010

Passion shows also in the rain - GP Mutschellen 2010

This year's GP Mutschellen really didn't have a lot of weather luck. 10 degrees of Celsius and rain the whole day, that's not what you wish for if you organize an event like the GP Mutschellen. Depsite of this, lots of exciting and also really rare cars showed up and drove the 1'500 meters up the hill. The "track" was quite entertaining with two hairpins and long swiping straights. The rain made the road slippery, but that sort of adds to the excitement. A few cars suffered under the rain, didn't start or had other problems, but that's probably what you would expect. Thanks and congrats goes to the organizers having their time schedule under control, cheering up the spectators and making sure there was enough hot coffee at the hill climb.

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