Friday, May 7, 2010

Unrelated - how unique is the country you will visit during your holidays?

I spent a day in London this week. And of course I used the Tube. There's a lot of advertisement, as you can imagine. One of the ads caught my eye. Austria Tourism displays an old farmer house and a couple of old fashioned musicians walking by. It says "it's got to be Austria". Well, I was really wondering whether the picture has been taken in Austria after all. For me it looked like a house you would usually find in the central part of Switzerland. So this leaves two questions: Are Switzerland and Austria so similar that you couldn't tell from a photograph? Or were the Austrian advertisers so sloppy to pick the wrong picture and to display a Swiss house on their ad? To be fair, the differences are probably not that big between the countries and both places are great destinations to travel to. Also it must be said that in both countries you will be able to find great driving roads - which brings us back to what this blog is all about.

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