Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Today's Convertible Cars are for Softies

What has happened with the convertibles, the cars we loved so much because they made you become one with the environment around the car, the wind and the weather? Well, today's convertibles basically make you feel like being in a limousine but with an invisible top. The new Mercedes convertible optimizes this new approach. It makes the wind go around so that even the passengers in the back don't have to "suffer" from the fresh air. In comparison, open cars like the MG TC, the Morgan +8 or even the later R107 Mercedes offered a lot of weather contact, long before the "windschott", air scarf and all kinds of new gimmicks were invented. So, this is yet another reason to buy old cars, I think. Anyway, it's a matter of personal taste and the type of clothes you are using ... As they say, there's no bad weather when you own an open car, there's only wrong clothes.

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John L said...

I've been thinking along those lines too.