Monday, May 24, 2010

Killing great tradition car brands - the Chrysler Lancia swap

You might have heard it. Fiat/Chrysler plans to leverage the Lancia brand to sell Chrysler cars in Europe. It's not enough that GM failed with this strategy and basically destroyed Saab, trying to sell rebatched Opels. It's so bloody sad to see this great car brand Lancia being misused. Remember the great cars Lancia built? Aurelia, Fulvia, Stratos, 037, Delta Integrale and so on. Now think of a Voyager or a Sebring coming with a Lancia batch. Horrible! It will not work! And it will be barely possible to rescue the Lancia brand once it's totally molested. Knowing that already today the Lancia brand isn't standing anymore for what it was in the 60ies or 70ies, this new strategy will give it the rest. Really sad!


John L said...

That's America! Destroying the values of the rest of the world.

Vanja Rozachkin said...

I would rather say that it is sad that Chrysler will not be present in Europe. Lancia is history. The last car they made was Delta Integrale. All cars that came later, do not count. Chrysler Voyager is number one minivan in the world and Chrysler 300c is beautiful and a very solid car. Lancia 300c? Lancia Voyager? What it would be? Nother rust pile? It would be very sad to see such great cars rebadged as Lancias, when none under age of 25 knows, what this great Italian name used to stand for.

Anonymous said...

nellieI have to say, I couldn't agree more, what on earth are they thinking?

As a former owner of many classic Lancias, from Aprilia to Stratos, it's very sad to watch the brand being slowly driven to its inevitable death.

Wouldn't you love to be in the room when these morons suggested that Chryslers would make great Lancias?