Saturday, June 5, 2010

Diva GT 10F - highly competitive sports and race car

Diva is a car make that only few people know. However these cars were extremely successful in racing in the 60ies, they competed at the 1000 km Nurburgring race and at many other sportscar events.
The Diva GT came with Ford engines from 997 to 1650 ccm and looked quite sharp in its fiberglass Heron derived body design. The car was small and nimble and as said a good base for racing. However people didn't see it as a true alternative to a Lotus Elan or TVR Grantura at that time. That's quite different today, when a good and competitive Diva GT fetches a higher price than a contemporary Elan or Grantura, if one is ever offered on the market.

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John L said...

I love it. I'm off to Google Diva now.