Sunday, June 6, 2010

Driving a Classic Car is like drinking an Espresso

Driving a Classic Car is a bit like Drinking Espresso. Isn't it?
The Espresso will not help you to get enough water for your body and it can be easily replaced by tea or any other drink if it's just about getting something fluid into your stomach. It also can get replaced by any other caffeine type drink if it's about staying awake. And there are much more fancy coffee drinks than Espresso, i.e. Cappuccinos, Late Macchiato, or what have you. But maybe it's the purity and the direct and unspoiled coffee taste that makes the difference. And this reminds me to driving a classic car. You don't have the features and accessories of modern cars, there are more convenient and easy to consume alternatives and it's probably not the best way to get you from A to B. But it's a pure and unspoiled pleasure.

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