Saturday, June 26, 2010

Producing bigger and bigger numbers - what about the collector?

Lamborghini celebrates 10'000 Gallardo's being built. Good for them. But is it good for the buyer and collector? Numbers produced is an important factor when it's about estimating the future value potential of a classic car. While cars like the 350 GT or 400 GT, and even the Jarama have been built in the hundreds, modern super cars get manufactured in the 10'000s and higher. I bet that Gallardos will never become as sought after as a Miura or a 400 GT. Same with modern Ferraris. The 355, but even more the 360 and the 430 have been an enormous sales success. And they usually don't rot away as many of their predecessors have. But none of these cars has reached the bottom of the price curve yet and most of these cars probably will never really gain in value through their live. But let's see ...

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