Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Using a Windschott with your Classic Car?

In 1989 Mercedes-Benz presented a real innovation with its new R129 convertible, the Windschott (German word for wind deflector). It's the thing behind the driver's and co-driver's seat that makes the air go over the heads of driver and co-driver. The accessory became very popular. Many R107 (that's the predecessor of the R129) was equipped with a Windschott and many other (modern) cars followed the trend.
One question though is whether it suits your classic car to be equipped with a modern windschott. I think it spoils the design lines of a car, if the car hasn't been made for being used with a Windschott. And it's clearly not a part that was available when the car was new, so it is as inappropriate as a subwoofer or wide wheels for your oldtimer car. Now, at least you can take off the Windschott, as you can remove the TomTom or the plugged in iPod, so that's not so bad. But for me it spoils the sensation of driving an old car and that's why I don't use a Windschott on my classic Mercedes. But who knows, maybe I will have to when I am getting older ...

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