Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Why the Jaguar XJS became important for the Classic Car world

When Jaguar introduced the Jaguar XJS 1975 to replace the E-Type, people cried as the car was so different than an E-Type and to be diplomatic it wasn't really a beauty. Jaguar though built the car for 21 years and actually made it prettier and prettier, especially when presenting the convertible versions. But, what made the car most important after all, is that it donated its chassis and engine to the Aston-Martin DB7, one of the best looking cars of the 90ies. When I see an XJS today, and they have become increasingly rare here in continental Europe, I actually start to like the car, even the coupé. It aged much better than many other cars and it has a certain elegance that makes it attractive and pretty slick. That doesn't mean that I will buy one, but that's good for the ones wanting to own one.

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John L said...

I'm the same. It gets better as I get older. And they're cheap.