Saturday, January 16, 2010

How the design of car door and wing surface has gone more and more complex

When people compare cars they usually will look at the major design elements, such as the overall shape, the "face" and maybe the lights and the bottom, some will also look at the color however this is of course not really a design element. Few will actively notice the design tricks applied by the car manufacturers. One of these tricks is the the surface design of the car doors, the wins and the panels on each side of the car. While a few years ago theses surfaces were mostly flat and maybe rounded, maybe with some moldings, today more and more designers now use kind of "creases" and concave and convex surfaces. This is influenced also by the fact that most cars are painted in metallic colors that can make something out of these complex shapes. Take a look a modern cars yourself and compare them to old ones, you will notice the differences! By the way, the picture shows a Volkswagen Beetle/Bug, an Opel Kadett B, a Volkswagen Golf Mk1, a Mercedes 190E in the first row and the new BMW 5-series, Citroen C5, Volkswagen Golf Mk6 and the Mercedes C class in the second row.

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