Wednesday, January 6, 2010

TVR Taimar - rare but easy to own sportscar

The TVR Taimar was built between 1976 and 1980, a total of 395 cars were produced and sold mainly in the UK. The Taimar was part of the M series TVR and shared the same chassis as well as the same engine (Ford Essex 3 litre). The main difference to the TVR 3000 M was the hatchback door that finally prevented the owners from having to put big luggage through the passenger door. So compared to its brother it was pretty convenient. With its strong chassis, the fiberglass body and all the mass production mechanical components (mainly from Ford and Triumph) it's a really simple car to own and maintain.
Reliability is good especially compared to other British cars of the period. Electrical faults may be something to worry about. And yes, the Taimar tends to suck the exhaust fumes into the car. It makes dogs go sick and passengers too.
Performance is okay with roughly 140 HP and less than 1'000 kg, but not staggering. It was faster than a 3 liter Ford Capri at least. And it could outperform most Limousines from the period.
Mine was a 1978 model in burgundy red. It had been restored once before I took it over and behaved really well under my ownership. It had been equipped with Holley carburetors by one of the previous owners and had a bit of extra power. It was the first TVR I owned, but not the first one I wanted to buy. Actually, I was 16 when I spotted "my" first TVR at a nearby garage, but my father didn't consider a sportscar as a good investment and didn't aprove (and support) the purchase. So I had to wait until I found the burgundy Taimar pictured here. After the Taimar a number of other TVRs followed and I never stopped to appreciate the make.