Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Is the Eagle Jaguar Speedster good or bad news?

Eagle, a well known Jaguar E-Type specialist in the UK, has presented its Eagle E-Type Speedster. It's based on a vintage E-Type, but obviously has been "upgraded" to make it more fancy and maybe more modern too. This includes a bigger engine and more modern suspension bits and pieces. While the result is a good looking car I do not really like the idea of taking a sought after classic and modernize it to fit the taste of the playstation generation. I would appreciate this car much more if it had been developed based on a new drivetrain and chassis. There are not that many E-Types around and I prefer them in original stage and look&feel. They are icons and worth being preserved as they were built.

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John L said...

Best looking "E-Type" I've seen.