Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Neglected future classic car? The Maserati Quattroporte 1994-2000

If the used car price is a measure for whether cars can become sought after collector's item then the Maserati Quattroporte IV, built between 1994 and 2000/2001, is a lost case. Despite the rarity, only about 2'800 cars were built, these cars are quite cheap to buy. A good one will change hands for the price of maybe two large inspections. It's actually not easy to understand why. The designer was Marcello Gandini, who was responsible for such famous cars as the Lamborghini Miura or the Lancia Stratos. The car was with a length of only 4.55 m quite compact, especially if you compare it with its successor. Engines with 6 and 8 cylinders were used to deliver more than satisfactory performance. So what is wrong with this car really? Nothing really, if you like the shape. Maybe it suffered a bit under the bad reputation of the Biturbo area, but you can't blame this car for that. If there wasn't that much electronics used in it, I would consider buying one.

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lupoch said...

A potential M3 eater (in fact it was faster with its 3.3 liters biturbo V8). Even German magazines said that quality was good, it had excellent brakes and could only argue about some comfort issues, price (40% more than the M3) and expected high depreciation... (rightly so, it seems...)