Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Porsche 993 - the last air cooled true 911

For many Porsche fans the Porsche 993 is the last "real" 911. While being faster, more powerful and better engineered than its predecessors it was still close to the initial engineering and design blueprint, lighter and nimbler than its successors, the 996 model range. And it was air cooled like the 356 and all its successors until the 996. Many if not most people also think it looked much better than the 996, no wonder that the design of the 997 got again closer to what the 993 was.
The 993 was a pretty practical car and also easier to maintain and cheaper to own than any 911 thereafter.
Mine was a 1994 model with the 3.6 liter engine and 272 HP. I took it to Germany and France and did quite a bit of mileage in a short period. I still sold it after less than a year and that was probably a mistake as these cars hold their value actually quite well. And I still like both shape and engine sound. So this is yet another car I could imagine buying again, even if I am not the typical Porsche owner myself.

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