Saturday, February 13, 2010

A car Still Live - Mercedes /8 Coupé, Renault Espace, Citroen Type H

Following up on my recent post concerning classic cars in the winter, here's another picture, I would call it a "still live". It brings three classic cars together that probably are on very few people's "cars to be collected" list. The Mercedes /8 Coupé was designed by Paul Bracq and was both popular because of its clear and straight forward lines but also because of its reliability. Even today you can find them (and the limousines) as daily commuters. The Citroen Type H (and its sisters) represented a very practical truck type car for people in need of transportation capacity. It's design again was unique and its habit exactly like you would it expect. The last of the three cars is the Renault Espace, one of the first series. After an adventurous engineering phase with multiple car brands taking care off (i.e. Chrysler, Matra, Renault) and with significant English involvement (very few people know this) it became the start of a new car category, sporty family vans. Seeing these three cars gathered in the snow showcasing such different approaches and objectives and colors typical to the time when the cars were built is fascinating.

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