Friday, February 12, 2010

Grey sportscars - where is the color?

I have been writing about the fact that more and more cars come with boring colors and are mostly ordered in grey, silver or black. Well, what started with limousines and company cars has continued with compact cars and also with sportscars! Even the Italian cars are painted more and more in silver or grey. Have a look at this picture showing four Maserati Granturismo GT Coupés. Three are silver or grey, and only one is in red. And you would really wonder who the brave man was to order this car in red ...
By the way, not too many Maseratis were painted in red except the race cars. Maseratis often were ordered in blue or silver, even in the sixties. But there were many yellow Ghibli and Merak on the other side too.


lupoch said...

I like silver and grey. Especially for Lambos and Ferraris. No joke, I think it takes away some of the "racer boy" thing (or even vulgarity) associated with red or yellow cars... The question is if you would like to be "seen" or if you prefer a "stealthy" approach. I'm clearly in the second camp

Bruno von Rotz said...

well, on the other side, a viper green Porsche Carrera 2.7 RS is the one to have, a GT40 looks best in Gulf livery (blue, orange) and I just love yellow Dino 246 GTs. The Miura looks best in light green, yellow or red and I can't imagine an Alfa-Romeo 33 Stradale in any other color than red ....

lupoch said...

I agree that some "historical" cars should have certain colors, but a "mainstream" F430, Maser GT or 997 is typically not associated to a specific color, so you have the choice I was referring to.
Here my "personal" list of "historic" colors:
- BMW M1: white or orange
- Miura: orange or green
- Gallardo: yellow or orange
- Countach: black
- BB512: red with lower part of the body in black
- 33 stradale: red
- Stratos stradale: red
- Delta Integrale: red or white with Martini racing stripes
- 997 GT3: white
- 904: silver
- 906: white