Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ferrari Daytona 365 GTB/4 - candidate for the design of the century award

Before Ferrari finally followed Lamborghini and presented the Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer with a mid mounted engine, they introduced the Ferrari 365 GTB/4 as an "interim solution", knowing it would be replaced soon. But, what an interim solution this was. The design came of course from Pininfarina and clearly was a master piece. Very rarely a front engine Ferrari has been packaged more convincingly. And besides these spectacular lines some pretty interesting details were part of the package as well. Look at these front lights (later versions had another approach though). The 365 GTB/4, unofficially called the "Daytona", was a success with 1'284 produced cars, plus 125 convertibles (called 365 GTS/4) over four years. Yes, at that time this was a big numbers, while every Ferrari model today is rather in the 5'000-10'000 volume range. That's probably one of the reason why Daytonas fetch good prices today. And if it's a group 4 competition version (they built three per year offic), half a million USD will not even be enough enough. I was pretty close buying one of these a couple of years ago and knowing what they are worth today, I probably should have done it. But there are a couple of things speaking against the car: It's quite heavy, feels a bit like a truck to drive and is better suited for long straights and "Autobahn" than race tracks and mountain serpentines. But the design, absolutely wonderful!
By the way, this specific car is located in the "Autobau", a very nice museum situated in Romanshorn in Switzerland, worth visiting from time to time!

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lupoch said...

It was called the TGV of the highway (reflecting the high speed, high stability..and probably also the truck-like driving experience).
Not one great looker for me, though... I much prefer what came before (the amazingly beautiful 275 GTB) and after (the genius BB512).