Monday, February 22, 2010

Is TVR coming back? Yes, PLEASE!

I may have be a bit early with announcing the end of TVR in a recent blog entry of mine. New rumours indicate that TVR might be coming back, with an uprated or new car powered by a US sourced V8 engine. Well these ingredients would bring us back to the Griffith/Chimaera times and these were good times for TVR. So let's hope that the announced new website actually will pop up soon and TVR is really able to present a new car for the Goodwood Festival. Actually this all feels like a "deja vue". TVR has gone lost and came back so many time that it shouldn't surprise us if it happened again. And I am sure many of my readers would be more than happy if this works out.
If I may add some wishes: I would love to see a new Sagaris with the 7 liter Corvette power plant under the bonnet. Not sure it fits, but it certainly would deliver acurate power.

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