Friday, February 19, 2010

Renault Twingo Gordini - bringing back a lot of memories

Fiat did it with Abarth, now Renault is doing it with Gordini. Leveraging the reputation and brand appeal of fifties' tuners to "upgrade" today's less than exciting family and commuting cars.
The Renault Twingo Gordini certainly looks great and according to TopGear it is a blast to drive. Many people don't know what Gordini actually stands for. Since the thirties there were Gordini race cars. And in the fifties Gordini built even formula one cars, whereas with not too much success.
Later Gordini became known as tuner and builder of Rallye cars and many race cars used Gordini engines. 1968 the company halted. Numerous famous Renault Gordini cars such as the R8 and R12 still make good appearances at classic car events today. And, if you want to know, former Gordini engineers were heavily involved when Renault started to build turbo formula one engines.

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