Sunday, February 21, 2010

How many car manufacturers have disappeared since 1977

33 years ago the group "Vereinigte Motorverlage" published their "auto katalog 1977", listing all (in Germany?) available cars on the market. When you look at the roughly 185 car manufacturers in the catalogue you find actually many that have disappeared. Let me give you a selection:
AC, Acadian, Albany, Alpine, American Motors Corporation (AMC), Anadol, Autobianchi, Avanti, Bricklin, British Leyland, Checker, Coriasco, Crayford, Crespi, Custoka, Davrian, Dino, Dutton, Elegant, Eliette, Excalibur, Fairthorpe, Felber, Fiberfab, Giannini, Ginetta, Glassic, Gremlin, Hillman, Hongki, Hornet, Humber, Innocenti, Jensen, Leontina, Matador, Matra-Simca, Melkus, Monteverdi, Moretti, MP Lafer, Murat, NSU, Pacer, Panther, Peykan, Princess, Puma, Ranger, Reliant, Saporoshez, Sbarro, Scaldia, Shanghai, Scorpion, Shekate Sahami, Shiguli, Simca, Strato, Sunbeam, Syrena, Tatra, Technical Exponents, Tiffany, Tofas, De Tomaso, Toro, Trabant, Triumph, TVR, Valiant, Vanden Plas, Wartburg, Wolga, Wolseley, YLN, Zastava, ZAZ, ZIL. I may have hit some that are actually still alive, others just have changed their names. Many though have been acquired and integrated (e.g. AMC), others just have stopped to produce cars, but still do some business (e.g. Sbarro). Many of the brands we probably don't even remember and the probability that they pop up at an oldtimer event are minimal. Others though we really do miss, i.e. AC, Bricklin, Matra-Simca, Monteverdi, Simca, Triumph, TVR, etc. to name a few. What we tend to forget is that there are new manufacturers around that didn't exist in 1977, i.e. Aptera, Artega, Fisker, Gumpert, Pagani, Tesla and many others, for example from China. And to be fair, we can't really say that there's is not enough choice today, can we?


John L said...

I don't know about that. It seems there's a few dropping off the radar quite recently - Pontiac for example.

Viva Chile! said...

I just discovered your blog, and I quite like it.

I see here "Hongki" is still around, and is one of the Chinese brands you mention. HongQi being the arm of FAW that makes their top luxury cars.

Same goes for Shanghai, Zhiguli (just another name for Lada)and Volga (another name for GAZ cars). Tofas from Turkey is still around and De Tomaso is coming back.