Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lotus Elise 2011 - still the same and quite colorful

Lotus will present the facelifted Lotus Elise at the coming Geneva Auto Show. It has been adapted to get closer to the Lotus Evora look and feel. Engines are still from Toyota (hopefully without the throttle pedal) and also otherwise not a lot has changed. One new 1.6 liter engine will get introduced.
Now, Lotus is certainly the only brand to showcase a car in orange, I guess. It's also probably the only brand where colors such as light green, yellow, orange or light blue take a larger share than grey and black. Different to Maserati or even Ferrari owners Lotus buyers obviously prefer shiny colors, at least the Elise and Exige buyers. This may be different with the Evora, I could imagine.

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