Saturday, February 27, 2010

First open ride with the 300 SL after a long cold winter

It definitely was a long winter, and cold it was! It must be three months since I enjoyed any of my classic cars on the road. Today, for the first time, it was somewhat warm again (10 degrees celsius), but more importantly roads were dry and the salt had been washed away last week. There's still a lot of snow on the mountains, as you can see on the pictures, but Spring is clearly approaching.
Oh, it felt good to have again the wind in the hair and change gears manually, feel the mechanics of a somewhat dated car. Yes, I agree, the Mercedes 300 SL isn't really a proper classic car yet. It's a bit too young, but it will reach 30 years soon and the design already counts 40 years by now. Cars like the R107 series are difficult to judge, as they have had such a long lifespan. It's a bit similar to the Morgan Plus 4 or Plus 8, just not that extreme.
Anyway, regardless of this, the drive was a joy! And it was such a relief that it fired up the first time and run as if there hadn't been any winter break. The SL has many contemporary habits and feels fairly modern, but still has a lot of the elements I like with classic cars, starting with a well articulated engine sound, manual controls for everything, lots of light in the cabin, instant feedback from anything. Hopefully we will soon again have a warm and nice weather weekend, so that I can continue to unwrap cars and get them back on the road!

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